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5 Days until next Healthcare Marketing Conference

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Healthcare Marketing Conferences in 2013

Every month attend our FREE healthcare marketing conference in New York City and starting in January 2013 we'll have one in all major metropolitan centers in U.S.

Please note that PRIVATE healthcare marketing seminars can also be organized for your organization. All we need is a 5-day notice and an in-depth interview to prepare. Organize your healthcare marketing workshop by calling (888) 416-9926

We recently held private healthcare marketing conferences and workshops in:New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Seattle, L.A., Houston, Chicago, and Miami.

2013 Healthcare Marketing Conference includes:

  • Doctors Reputations
  • ROI from Internet Marketing
  • Comparison of ROI options
  • Social Media ROI inHealth Care Marketing:cost-effective social media strategies
  • Increasing Patient Volumes
  • How to Differentiate amedical organization, how to develop niche practices and centers of excellence
  • Healthcare Marketing Campaign Audit
  • Establishing a cost-effective budget and plan for your Marketing Campaign

2013 Healthcare Marketing Conferences, Seminars, & workshops will include CUSTOMIZED tips, strategies, and news for:

  • Medical Websites | Content, Design, important messages
  • Internet Marketing | Pay Per Click, SEO, SEM
  • Internet Marketing, advanced interaction.
  • Social Media
  • Testimonials | Patient & Physician
  • Print Marketing - newspaper articles, ads,
  • Radio & TV
  • Brochures Design
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Seminars on Healthcare Marketing & Social media are available in two formats:
The next Healthcare Marketing Conference is in New York. Sign up via link above.

Healthcare Marketing Center is a full service marketing organization founded by Simon Sikorski MD to help clinicians, technology companies, and health care organizations to develop their business.