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Medical Marketing Program

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Medical Advertising for Doctors, Surgery Centers, Hospitals, and medical organizations.

What do patients want to do? Recover .... When? ... NOW

Doctors can take advantage of becoming EXCLUSIVE members of the Network and receive reputation management, advertising, and cost-effective radio patient education... reaching MILLIONS of patients all day every day in non-competitive areas!

What's the best benefit? All advertising costs are divided by all the members in the network so a $30,000 radio advertisement costs each member a few hundred dollars!

And with our arrangement with radio stations, our regional members can be featured on the RecoverNow Minute radio show!

Healthcare Marketing on RecoverNow Network

Benefits of the RecoverNOW medical advertising program:

  • Get More Educated & Qualified New Patients- Our medical advertising and CBS network (radio & online) allow us to reach millions of people daily looking for specialized doctors.
  • Gain recognition for your expertise- Reach millions of people every day
  • Increase Referrals- do you have doctors that regularly refer to you? Have them join your network!
  • This medical advertising program is guaranteed to increase patient volume! This is the only performance-based medical marketing program in the country!
  • Doctors no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on one advertisement. Our job is to reach millions of people DAILY.
  • You don't have to do anything, except focus on great medical care. We will set up websites, blogs, media, advertisements and deliver patients to your medical office. All you have to do is to take care of them.

Specialties Served in RecoverNOW:

Pain Management
Urgent Care
and 55 more!

Healthcare Marketing Center is a full service marketing organization founded by Simon Sikorski MD to help clinicians, technology companies, and health care organizations to develop their business.