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How to deal with bad patient reviews

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Strategies on how to deal with bad patient reviews

The following tips on how to deal with bad patient reviews are gathered from our last 540 doctor reputation management clients:

By far, the most doctors affected have been ones that use Groupons. HMCOE never ever recommends Groupons to anyone.

Let's start with what NOT to do. If you've done any of the following call us immediately to analyze how much damage was done.
  • Do NOT hire lawyers or consult with lawyers about Patient Reviews. Period. A doctor's online reputation is just that... an online reputation. It's not a fact, it's a transient reality.
  • Do NOT respond to patient reviews without a consultation. Ask us how to deal with it. If there's a chance there could be a HIPAA violation there probably is.
  • Never EVER write a review yourself, hire someone to do it, pay or incentivize patients to do it, or get your friends involved.You could be facing $11,000-$16,000 penalty per violation and you could be sued by the ratings company ... or worse... penalized by Google. On top of it all, this practice is an FTC violation. It's not only unethical... it's illegal.
  • Do NOT ask patients for TESTIMONIALS. Ask them for reviews instead. Testimonials are prohibited in New York, Illinois, and Kentucky for ANY health care service provider.

How to Properly Deal with Negative Patient Reviews

  • Respond to patient reviews only if there is no HIPAA violation involved and there are no Groupon deals. Be courteous, and always ask the patient to come back and update the review once the issue has been resolved.
  • BURY the Negative Patient Reviews FAST with ourdoctor reputation management program
  • Try to remove the bad patient review. There are many circumstances when negative patient reviews can be removed. Ask us when and howEmail Us Now.
  • Avoid SEO companies and companies that do not work exclusively within the healthcare industry
  • Enable customer service process in your practice for every single patient.
  • Adopt a doctor-review-site. There are only three rating companies in the U.S. that actually provide a service for doctors. Every other physician ratings site, physician directory, or social media site is a scam. In fact, HMCOE analyzed 43 monetizing schemes for physician ratings sites that are never disclosed.

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