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Physician referral program

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How to build an effective Physician Referral Program - Stimulating doctor to doctor referrals

In the past 10 years, Healthcare Marketing Center of Excellence consulted and set up more than one thousand referral programs for doctors in the U.S.. Here are the top 5 aspects a doctor-to-doctor referral marketing program needs before launching:
  • Research local doctors and related allied health care professionals before sending out physician referral letters, representatives, or making calls- this is critical because not every doctor is a good target for referrals. While you may feel inclined to refer patients to the physician, he may not feel the same. Many doctors don't refer patients back to you. They may treat patients themselves, even though it may not be in their area of expertise. One of the most effective ways to do so is to check out their website... find out whether referring patients to a doctor would be a bad idea.
  • Awareness of local societies, meetups, and professional organizations outside of the medical field- many professionals' businesses depends on relations with doctors. Attorneys are one of the biggest missed opportunities. And so are affiliations with corporations. Putting together a wellness program as it relates to your expertise to try to limit the amount of missed days of work can save a company millions of dollars and they're willing to pay a big premium for it.
  • Awareness of local medical conferences and events - doctors are most receptive to discussions about patient referrals when they're away from their office. There are most likely hundreds of events sponsored by medical societies, organizations, and hospitals within a short driving distance of your office where you may meet like-minded doctors. Spending an evening or half a day on meeting them can lead to a significant pay-off.
  • Having appropriate referral slips and materials for every source of referrals. Do you have the same brochure or referral slip for everyone? Why not spend an extra 30 minutes on creating materials specific to that source of referrals? Do you have the information on your website?
  • 1st Impressions are the most important!What message you include in your email, letter, postcard, greeting, phone call, or first meeting really counts. You have one chance to get a doctor's and their practice managers' attention. Find out what make the biggest impact.
Find out what is the #1 most effective way to stimulate doctor to doctor referrals

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