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Marketing to Doctors

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Marketing to Doctors - Increasing referrals from physicians. Part of 30 Day Campaign to increase patient volumes.

Once our physician clients have adequate resources to leverage we start our outreach to local doctors.

Successful marketing to doctors requires a skilled approach that takes into consideration: patient education, patient satisfaction, powerful internet presence, profitability, and follow up.

Marketing to physicians must be accompanied by:

  • Successful patient acquisition. Doctors like to refer their patients to successful practices. Increase your patient volume first through medical blogging, social media, and internet presence.
  • Happy Patients. This is where physician reviews written by patients matter so much. Satisfied patients give credibility that a doctor's patients will be taken care of properly. A great referral reflects very well on the referring doctor.
  • Patient education. Make it easy for doctors to refer their patients. You will need:
      • A blog with patient education resources
      • Patient Referral forms easily downloadable from the website
      • A phone number and email that are easily accessible
  • Excellent reputation and online presence. Even doctors google who they refer to. Make it easy for great information to be found quickly.
  • Excellent referral follow up. Our doctor clients follow up about referred patients within 48 hours of seeing them / performing a procedure accompanied by detailed documentation.
Learn more about our30-Day Marketing Program for Doctors

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