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Hospital Marketing Assistance Program

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Hospital Marketing Program for Rural & Small Hospitals in U.S.

HMCOE is proud to offer a hospital marketing assistance program for struggling hospitals in the U.S. In the review we will analyze your current expenditures on hospital marketing and will take a critical look where to save money and how to improve ROI. The hospital marketing review will consider:
  • Recovering savings from ineffective marketing initiatives
  • Focusing hospital marketing dollars to low-cost / high-impact initiatives
  • SEO & effectiveness of the hospital website
  • Hospital internet marketing initiatives
  • Social Media efforts and ROI
  • Ad placements across the web and print
  • Optimizing online and print directory listings
  • Optimization of Yellow Pages listings
  • Branding expenditures
  • Physician Liaison Programs
  • How to organize employed and independent doctors in an advertising campaign.
In this hospital marketing review we will only get paid from the money we can save your hospital.

Other Hospital Marketing Consultations

Our most popular Hospital Marketing consultations

  • Uncovering niche unmet medical needs areas for hospital marketing executives.
  • Hospital Website costs - don't break your bank. You don't need to spend $40,000 on a website!
  • Internet Advertising / Print Advertising - where to place hospital advertisements, how to design effective advertisements, how to create editorial pieces around hospital ads.
  • Social Media review
  • Branding strategies - where on the internet does visibility matter most for a hospital
  • Hospital Website design project management - We work with your branding team (and hospital marketing agencies if necessary) on SEO, content development, medical blogging, social media integration, and development of physician locators. Do it right the first time around.
  • How to adequately promote ALL physicians at your hospital without playing favorites. Low-cost high impact strategies that can turn around profitability of a hospital in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Matching hospitals with full-service hospital marketing agencies. We work with the leading hospital marketing agencies in the U.S. - there's always an agency that's right for your brand strategy.
  • How to effectively leverage physician liaisons
  • How to compete in highly competitive markets.
  • How to do cost-effective advertising on the internet and radio
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No email consultations: these low budget hospital marketing consultations are available via phone only
Hospital Marketing Phone Consultations start at $90/call and are FREE for clients

In the meantime, please review ourHospital Marketing Strategies

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