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HealthCare Marketing Seminars

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HealthCare Marketing Seminars

Upcoming healthcare marketing seminars:
  • How to organize local chiropractors - NY Chiropractic Association - 4/10
  • Effective Marketing for Today's Medical Practice - Alliance Bernstein - 4/15
  • Hospital Marketing - how to promote doctors in a hospital - Lawrence Hospital, NY - 4/18
Book your own healthcare marketing seminars. Seminars on Healthcare Marketing & Social media are now available at the convenience of your location and time of choice for:
YOU pick the time, You pick the place, You decide what topics to discuss.

Our Most Popular Health Care Marketing Seminars include the following topics:

  • Social Media in Health Care Marketing:cost-effective social media strategies
  • What Patients Needto make informed decisions on choosing health care providers & how medical marketing should reflect that.
  • What Referring Physicians Needto refer patients to specialists
  • Are specialists generalists?How to Differentiate amedical organization, how to develop niche practices and centers of excellence
  • Technology-evolution of patient-doctor interaction
  • Centers of Excellence and Thought Leader development strategies:What Thought Leaders and designation as a Center of Excellence can mean for your organization
  • Establishing Goalsfor the next week, month, 3 months, 6 months, year
  • Healthcare Marketing Campaign Designs
  • Establishing a cost-effective budget for your Marketing Campaign

All Healthcare Marketing Seminars include the latest tips, strategies, and news for:

  • Medical Websites | Content, Design, important messages
  • Internet Marketing | Pay Per Click, SEO, SEM
  • Internet Marketing, advanced interaction.
  • Social Media
  • EMR systems and Patient Portals
  • Testimonials | Patient & Physician
  • Print Marketing - newspaper articles, ads,
  • Radio & TV
  • Brochures Design
  • Outdoor advertising
  • You pick the time & place for thehealthcare marketing seminars

Healthcare Marketing Center is a full service marketing organization founded by Simon Sikorski MD to help clinicians, technology companies, and health care organizations to develop their business.