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OrganizedWisdom Scandal

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Past Updates || Today's Update: Collection of topics, evidence & discussions on OrganizedWisdom

Unethical Health Information Content Farming by Organized Wisdom (OW) & how 5700 social media Curators participate in major ethical, legal, & moral violations without their knowledge

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Other factors & implications explained
New evidence as of Thursday May 5th  Copyright & Intellectual Property Theft of online health information websites & social media campaigns, Link & content Farming & the resulting automatic Health Recommendations generated by OW "bots" & possible HIPAA violations, and Misuse of experts’ reputations for monetizing scheme without their knowledge.

Implications: 1) Original health information compromised  2) Legal issues for intellectual property theft  3) Compromise of the Integrity, credibility, and reputation of every one of 5700 experts  4) Possible HIPAA & other government violations  5) Poor online experience for patients  6) Drowning out of original health information on the internet with irrelevant content, spam, and more advertisements that misinform people seeking critical health information.

Background information: For 10 weeks I’ve been gathering evidence for doctors how Organized Wisdom, a health information content farm, is destroying health care professionals’ reputations. More than 2 months ago I first learned of OW's schemes and I spent an enormous deal of time gathering all concerns and presenting them to OrganizedWisdom's founders. After 2 months I learned that my own website was being plagiarized and my own copyrighted content has been plagiarized and re-published by OrganizedWisdom as its own. 

Who am I? I work with physicians, hospitals, and medical device companies on creating online awareness programs about crucial health information and access to their health care services, on curating health information on the web, and helping physicians get in control of their online reputations. Twitter @medmarketingcoe 
LinkedIn Simon Sikorski, M.D.

Many Complaints Not Addressed since November 2010. 

Final straw was when a concerned physician, friend, and client called me on Thursday, April 28, 2011 with his observation. “What is OrganizedWisdom and why am I listed there? Why are my blogs disappearing from Google and being replaced by some random Tweets? What's going on Simon?” View the enclosed slideshare presentation on the background information on this scandal. Have an Ipad, Download app.


Our reputations are on the line Check if you're affected 

If you're ticked off... go on Twitter and speak your mind on #EndToFarms 
This Content Farm requires our Participation to survive ... say NO and demand your profile removed via

Does this Farm deserve HONcode certification? File complaint  HonCode - OrganizedWisdom 

If you're a "Curator", is Your own website being plagiarized by a Content Farm like Organized Wisdom?

Go on Google & type:  

I did not work 9 years to build a reputable business for the benefit of a content farm that destroys health information on the internet for millions of people. I’m certain you haven’t worked so hard in your careers to damage your own reputations as well.
Stay Tuned for our commentary on how OrganizedWisdom addresses our issues on its FAQ page.

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