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Health Care Social Media Kit

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Healthcare Social Media Kit for Medical Professionals

This healthcare social media guide will help you develop your online presence. Why is that important? ..."Everything on Google for your name and your organization is Social Media" - Simon Sikorski M.D.

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  • 8 of 10 patients are looking for doctors online and are using Google as their tool for background check!
  • What comes up when someone Google's YOUR business or your name?
  • Do you need social media to increase patient referrals?
  • Do you want to improve your reputation or brand visibility?
  • Do you want to gain recognition for your expertise?
* NEW *Comprehensive Social Media & Reputation Management Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Social Media Tips, Strategies, andResources
These healthcare social media resources offer exclusive look into how social media impacts the world of medicine, decisions of how patients choose their doctors, and how to build a profitable medical business.

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What is Healthcare Social Media:
Healthcare Social Media Starter Kit
  1. What is Social Media in Healthcare?
  2. 12 Medical Marketing Case Studies Every Medical Professional Should Read
  3. Why Patients want Healthcare Professionals to participate in social media
  4. Do you have everything you need to get started with social media? Read this article before investing in social media -Before Health Care Social Media crosses your mind
Getting Return on Investment from Social Media
  1. Healthcare Social Media ROI
  2. True Healthcare Social Media ROI
Social Media for Doctors and Doctors' Reputations:
  1. Why and How to Get your Name to Top of Google
  2. Facebook for Doctors & Hospitals
  3. Why to get in control of Physicians' online reputation NOW, not Tomorrow
  4. Rise of the Digital Doctor - Health care social media infographic, courtesy of
  5. For Doctors interested in social media:Why Does your Online Reputation Matter so much and everything you need to know about Doctor Reviews
Social Media For Hospitals:

For Healthcare Students:

For Newbies:

For Medical Bloggers
Advanced Healthcare Social Media:

  1. Twitter no-no's, avoiding plagiarism, and content farms
  1. How to use LinkedIn & Social Media for Job-Hunting in Healthcare

Healthcare Social Media and Online Reputation

Pitfalls and mistakes in health care social media campaigns:

  1. Is social media a Fad? A Hype?What you need to know that social media marketers over-emphasize
  2. Be very careful when claiming online profiles
  3. Health Care Social Media - Biggest Mistakes Ever

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