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Doctor Reputation Management

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Doctor Reputation Management

The doctor reputation management programs we present here increase visibility and reputations for doctors, and brands of hospitals, and medical companies.
Medical Practice Marketing Workshop

Do you need to remove a bad rating?Do you need help choosing the right doctor reputation management company?

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Guide to Doctor Reputation Management, written by Simon Sikorski MD - Get Your FREE Copy April 8, 2013 (*Free for doctors and practice managers who would like to write a review of the guide. $19.99 for all others)Reserve your Copy Now

Topics Include:
  • Significance of Doctor Reviews
  • Are physician ratings a scam?
  • How to transform the patient-doctor relationship
  • What patients require to make a decision about a choosing a doctor
  • The honest review of 10 most popular ratings sites ... and more!
Healthcare Marketing Center is now able to offer a complete doctor reputation management and marketing suite for Physicians, Dentists, Surgery Centers, Chiropractors, and Medical Spas
  • FACT: patients use Google to run background checks about doctors! One bad review could be disastrous for your practice.
  • FACT: Every result on first page of Google is Social Media
  • FACT: Everything on Google for your name and practice is your reputation.
So what's the hold up ...Have you Googled Your Name yet?

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Articles and Doctor Reputation Management resources:

12 case studies on how improving doctors' reputations can improve the profitability of a medical practice or hospital.

Case Studies & Links for Doctors Reputation Management

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